Artist Interview – Jimbo Bernaus from Shoutbam

Jimbo Bernaus is an accomplished hand lettering artist and graphic designer. He is most known for the powerful colour palettes and clever design techniques he uses to demonstrate mastery of the form. Many of his pieces are accented with floral embellishments, a design motif that has captured the attention of thousands across social media. Today, the Croatia-based designer is the co-founder of BAM! Creative Studio (also known as ShoutBam on Instagram), which specialises in letter crafting, illustration and digital and educational products to help amateur letterers enhance their skills.

What made you become an artist?
Since I was a kid I loved to draw and everything that related to crafts. Since I’m from a little town nobody has ever told me that I could make a living out of any sort of art so I didn’t get to pursue it from early life. I failed at Maths when I was about 18 and my parents (whom I admire hugely) encouraged me to sign up to an Art Academy. From that point on, art and design has become the biggest part of my life.


How would you describe your art style in one sentence?
Colourful dimensional lettering with illustration motifs.

Where do you find inspiration?
Mostly in my surroundings. I love pretty and contrasted environments. I’m a huge fan go big busy cities with a touch of great architecture and a bunch of nature in them. I believe that being surrounded by these keeps me motivated and fuelled by creativity.


What are your favorite tools?
I guess a pencil is my favourite tool since it’s something you can always carry and you never know when creativity will strike! After that I believe the iPad Pro has become the tool I use the most and it totally changed the game for me.


Who is your favorite artist and why?
There’s a bunch of them! But I would go from classics like Alphonse Mucha to contemporary designers like Gemma O’Brien or Marta Cerdà.

No matter what you feel drawn to, you can make a living out of it

What’s your favorite artwork?
My favourite artwork since I was a teen has been Cosmic Egg. A Wolfmother’s album cover.

Favorite art gallery/museum?
I feel more attracted to Art Galleries than museums. I love any Art Gallery that showcases independent art because I love seeing the community grow. Regarding museums I truly enjoyed the The Guggenheim Bilbao, the Louvre and a smaller Contemporary Art museum called MACBA in Barcelona.


What superpower would you love to have and why?
I would love to fly. I’ve dreamt about it since I was a child and even though I’d love to explore others, this one would be my first choice in a heartbeat.


Which song is currently on top of your playlist?
November Rain by Guns N' Roses


What advice would you give to young artists starting out?
Don’t be scared to follow your passion. No matter what you feel drawn to, you can make a living out of it and start loving your Mondays.

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